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Xerostom Dry Mouth Spray 15ml

  • Xerostom Dry Mouth Spray 15ml

Xerostom Dry Mouth Spray 15ml

Reference: CDNZA0017

Dry Mouth means that the soft tissues (gums, tongue & cheeks) are more fragile and lose their elasticity.  Eating and drinking can become painful and so a change in diet may take place which leads to other problems. Xerostom Mouth Spray can be used when required and gives immediate relief in a handy travel bottle.

Use the tongue to spread the liquid around the mouth until the desired effect is achieved.

XEROSTOM® with Saliactive® hydrates and moisturizes dry mouths naturally

For your patients suffering dry mouth (xerostomia) due to health conditions, medical treatment, or aging, Xerostom products will positively improve their quality of life! The patented Saliactive® ingredients of extra virgin olive oil, betaine, and xylitol have been proven to increase salivary flow up to 200%.

With additional beneficial ingredients such as fluoride, potassium, calcium, natural oils and moisturizers, Xerostom products help with the recovery of natural salivary defenses while protecting enamel and dentin from demineralization and erosion. All Xerostom products are detergent, sugar, and alcohol-free with a neutral pH. Suitable for diabetics. 

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