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Curaprox ATA toothbrush

  • Curaprox ATA toothbrush
  • Curaprox ATA toothbrush

Curaprox ATA toothbrush

Reference: 73327173

This toothbrush is quite simply a stroke of luck for people with tooth cleaning damages: brushing the teeth using pressure is almost impossible. Why? Its round handle has no thumb depression and motivates users to grip with their fingers. This helps to keep pressure to a minimum and makes an ATA the ideal lerning toothbrush in the transition from a CS 5460 ultra soft to a CS single: the technique of brushing each tooth individually is trained just as much as using soft bristles without any pressure.

  • Round handle without a depression for the thumb

  • Reversed, particularly small head

  • 4860 Curen®-filaments, 0.1 mm in diameter

  • Developed in cooperation with dental specialists at the University of Berne

Important: Colours vary

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