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Curaprox Travel Set Ortho pink

  • Curaprox Travel Set Ortho pink

Curaprox Travel Set Ortho pink

Reference: 73360739

The Ortho Travel set comes with a unique and sophisticated ortho toothbrush, a zesty fresh whitening toothpaste, plus three interdental brushes with a duo holder. Perfect oral care during ortho treatment made possible – wherever you go. No compromise. No caries. No stains.

This stylish travel kit measures just 9.5 cm x 6 cm and contains:

Ortho travel toothbrush. This toothbrush incorporates the bracket groove, a special groove for braces, while the 5,460 Curen® filaments clean brackets, teeth and gums gently and carefully.
Curaprox Be you toothpaste Apple + Aloe Vera, 10ml: protects and cares for teeth and gums. Gently and effectively whitens.
Cone-shaped CPS 14 ortho interdental brush. This cleans orthodontic bands, as well as areas between the wires and teeth and around the brackets.
CPS 18 ortho interdental brush. Ideal for cleaning the wires, simply by inserting it underneath them.
CPS prime interdental brush, size 07-red. Effective brushing in the spaces between the teeth.

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